Monday, April 15, 2013

Working Out!!

Because my host mom feeds me massive amounts of delicious Spanish food and I feel obligated to eat most of it out of respect, I decided to join a gym. (Actually I joined because I’m on the basketball team at Dartmouth and need to work out. But either way.) The gym is called Dir, and they have a ton of locations within Barcelona. It was unnecessarily expensive to join for only 2 months, but I had to do it. On the upside, the gym has showers and I got a locker to store my stuff overnight so I can work out on the go. The gym I joined is close to the University of Barcelona, so I can work out right after class ends. This setup is ideal since my house is about half an hour from the University, and now I don’t have to go home before heading to the gym. Three other friends from the program also joined. Party at the gym! I always rep Dartmouth with all my Dartmouth basketball gear and get some interesting looks from the other gym-goers. One guy asked me if I was from the UK because apparently every name ends in “-mouth” there. I also talked to one of the trainers at Dir because he saw “basketball” on my shirt and proceeded to tell me he was a coach for a girls’ club team (The University of Barcelona doesn’t have school sports teams, so everyone just does club). Too bad NCAA regulations prohibit me from joining a team in Barcelona! I’m going to have to venture out into town and find a public court where I can chat it up with the local fanatics who strangely decided to play basketball instead of soccer. (note, the weights in the photo are actually really heavy..)

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