Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tall and Blonde

Being tall, blonde, and light-skinned in Spain clearly and permanently marks me as American, or at least a definite foreigner from Scandanavia or Britain. I’ve also been told that I (along with the Dartmouth group) dress like I’m straight out of a Ralph Lauren magazine. This is in high contrast to the more dark and edgy Spaniards with their black leather studded jackets. It’s kind of scary being an American in Barcelona because of the difficult economic times the city and country of Spain is going through. Pickpocketing is more than rampant (see my other post), and Americans and other tourists are perceived as easy targets. Also, because of my American appearance and my apparently horrible Spanish accent, even when I ask questions of Spaniards in Spanish, sometimes they respond in English--a little disappointing. Guess I have to start lisping like a true Barcelonian. Or should I say Barthelonian.

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