Wednesday, April 10, 2013

“The Irish Flag”

Last weekend, the group went out for our first night on the town in Barcelona. We went to a really cool Irish bar with an awesome ambient atmosphere. According to Nicole, my Irish friend on the trip, the Irish aspect of the bar was completely authentic--although the only music played in the bar was American Top 40, which seems to be the case at most bars and restaurants in Spain! Apparently American music is super cool and trendy despite the fact that the Spaniards have no idea what the lyrics mean. Whatever. We enjoyed some drinks at the bar while chatting and people watching. A lot of English-speakers frequent this bar. After talking for a while, another friend on the trip decided to try this shot called “The Irish Flag” just for kicks. The ingredients? Crème de Menthe, Orange Liquer, and what I believe is typically Irish Crème. Although at this particular bar, it was MAYONAISSE. DELISH.

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