Monday, April 15, 2013

La Costa Brava: Beach Day!

This past Saturday, I travelled an hour and half by bus north from Barcelona to La Costa Brava for a day at the beach with some friends. La Costa Brava is on the Mediterranean, and there are multiple beaches lining the coast, some with beautiful rocky cliffs dropping straight down into the bluish turquoise transparent water below. After stocking up on delicious snacks, we started off at a normal sandy beach with sailboats and kayaks docked nearby, and proceeded to make our way over and around a small peninsula on a hiking path that connects the various beaches. I felt like I was back on my Dartmouth DOC trip taking a nature walk through the woods. The path was surrounded by greenery and provided stunning views of the Mediterranean scenery. After descending a cliff (with the stairs provided of course, there was no major rock climbing or cliff jumping involved), we landed at our picnic spot—a small cove with some huge fallen rocks perfect for sitting on and basking in the sun (or, a perfect spot for couples, as there were two couples enjoying the scenery before we got there. However, they decided to leave upon our arrival…). We soaked up the sun and had some snacks, and one of the guys (on the water polo team of course) even ventured into the rocky water. Eventually we left and continued hiking up and down stairs in the greenery over the beautiful rocky peninsula until we got to our final destination sandy beach in San Feliu. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday. And it was certainly much better than being in Hanover where it apparently snowed last week. Sorry Dartmouth!

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