Sunday, April 28, 2013


The other day we went on a trip to Cavas Cordoniu, the vineyard and winery where they now produce the famous Spanish Champagne called Cava. The winery is a work of art, officially declared a historical artistic building since one of the members of the Cordoniu family redecorated the whole place with the help of a famous architect. (They also use old broken cava bottles as wall decorations and for making chandeliers. Que guay). We got to tour the underground cava storage and see all the champagne fermenting. The guide drove us around through the dark brick tunnels on a little train—I felt like I was in Harry Potter. It was so cool to see, but the entire place smelled like a more intense, concentrated version of a frat with all the fermenting alcohol! My favorite part was getting to taste some different varieties of cava. We all got to try the red Pinot Noir Brut cava, which is less sweet (the guide kept saying it was good for women watching their caloric intake…) as well as the sweeter white Chardonnay cava. I preferred the Pinot Noir. I feel like such a cava connoisseur now. (Also thanks Dartmouth for paying for us to taste champagne!)

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