Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I am taking four classes at The University of Barcelona(UB): Spanish Language/Grammar, Spanish History/Culture, Spanish Literature, and Spanish Conversation. The University is spread out throughout Barcelona, but I take classes at this one very central gorgeous location. Some of my classes are in the historic building made of stone with amazing open-air walkways and atriums complete with orange trees and shrubbery (One has a coy pond, ¡Qué guay!). My favorite teacher (other that the Dartmouth professor who teaches literature, of course) is my Grammar teacher named Joan (pronounced Yu-an). He’s this hilarious guy from Mallorca who always attempts to work on his English a little during class; his accent is priceless. Like all the professors, he has real trouble with some of our names, particularly “Hayley,” “Jayant,” and even mine. When all else fails, he calls us either Miguel or María. Perfecto. If anyone is a Pretty Little Liars fan like me, imagine a Spanish version of Ezra Fitz (!).

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