Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Granada: Best Hostel

I had never stayed in hostels before Spain, but I have to say we picked some great ones for our trip. Thanks to hostelworld. Our hostel in Granada was really new and clean-we even got our own room with bunks for just the four of us girls. We basically had our own nice full bathroom for the first two nights, until more people checked in. The hostel also had breakfast included-pretty much all the breakfasts at the hostels and breakfast in Spain in general is minimal, but the hostel provided all sorts of yogurt flavors, corn flakes, bread wiith butter, several types of jelly, and chocolate spread (no not nutella, just chocolate-soo delish), oranges, and croissants. Pretty good for a cheap hostel breakfast I must say. Also, the hostel had a free sangria night (my fav); we made sure to take advantage of that. For the sangria party, everyone at the hostel congregated in the courtyard at picnic tables and chatted. We met a cute couple-the guy from Rome and the girl from Germany, as well as some college kids from Vermont (no way).

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