Friday, May 17, 2013


We left Madrid really early in the morning to catch a train to Cordoba. I have to say Cordoba is my least favorite city I’ve visited in Spain thus far. The walk from the train station to the actual city center where the mezquita is (red and gold striped double arches, you’ve seen pictures) was very eery and strange. There were hardly any people walking around, and there was a huge four lane road with barely any cars on it. Cordoba also had a funky smell (ok all of Spain does because of the weird sewage system-but Cordoba’s was worse) which tainted the city. The mezquita was just like the pictures, however it was not as interesting as I had imagined. It was basically a ginormous rectangular room with hundreds of red and gold striped arches in a row. Thanks to Christian take-over at one point in time, smack dab in the middle of the mosque was a Catholic church, where the ceiling changed into a steep white dome and the amount of ornate decoration increased tenfold. It was a little much. Sorry for all the hating on Cordoba! It was a cool city, there was just not much to do there. Luckily, we only stayed for the day and left the same night to head to Ronda. The part I loved about Cordoba was seeing the quaint white houses with blue flowerpots holding colorful flowers adorning the walls. Cordoba has such mild weather that the house owners keep the flowers out all year round!

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