Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Obsessed With Picasso

The other day, I visited the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. Of course I had heard about Picasso's artistic fame in the past, but I had never learned the details of his career nor why he is so extraordinarily famous. Well, now I know. HE PAINTED AMAZING THINGS WHEN HE WAS IN HIS TEENS THAT MOST PEOPLE CAN'T PAINT UNTIL THEIR 30'S!!!(or that most people can't paint at all...) I was amazed when I saw his perfect sketches and paintings realistically depicting complicated scenes that he had created when only a little boy. I guess it helps that his father was a painter and taught him his ways, but still. PICASSO WAS AN ARTISTIC GENIUS. I still can't get over it. Not to mention his creation of Cubism, which I now can sort of comprehend thanks to history and culture class!

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