Sunday, June 2, 2013

Granada: La Alhambra

 We had learned a lot about the Alhambra and its artistic merit in History and Culture class at the University of Barcelona, so we decided to take not only one but TWO tours of the Alhambra– one at night and one during the day. It was even more beautiful and grand than the photos suggested. The night tour was shorter and smaller, but seeing the gigantic structure lit up with fountains splashing and buildings reflected perfectly in its large pools was a gorgeous scene. The day tour was longer and included not only the main section of the Alhambra with the famous Lions Fountain (fuente de leones), but also the expansive rose gardens and other stone towers of the palace. The rose gardens were absolutely stunning with their huge, multicolored blossoming roses intermixed in arches of greenery. If you’re going to Granada, the Alhambra is a must-see.

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